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Sophie's Pen&Ink

Artist's note

Artist's note
Sophia Nouveau
From Her Diary
Ombres et Lumieres



a lot of people would ask me, "ok, so what does penandink1997 mean??"  my grandfather introduced art to me when i was around 5 yrs old.  i was fascinated by caricatures, portraits, still art and anything that had to do with drawing.  always in my hand was a pencil or coloured chalk (which i'd use to draw on the walls) , and i loved showing my work of art to my grandfather where i received critical acclaims.  nobody else minded my artworks except when i drew on the walls of the house.   this is why part of me will always be partial to my grandfather -- he never saw my flaws, and i never saw his, probably never will.  
in 1997, i joined a summer art class (the other option was a girls' camp) hoping to advance my talent.  by the end of the 3rd session, i quit... partly because of my teacher who didnt seem to recognise my gift... one time he asked the students to draw a circle -- yep a circle, you know orb, loop, round figure -- he checked each drawing and when it was my turn to be scrutinized he asked, "is that a pear or a kiwi?".  oh well...  
i have no formal training (everyone assumed i read art at university).  one boring night, i looked for a pencil, finding none i grabbed the nearest fountain pen... and so, pen and ink drawings became my signature...  

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